Tooltip Plugin

A flexible and responsive plugin for modern tooltips without any Javascript library dependencies. Advantages: fully responsive, the possibility of inserting HTML content, support effects, optimized for desktop and mobile devices, full integration into the WYSIWYG editor and much more.

General features

  • Optimized for Desktop and Mobile devices.
  • Responsive, no Javascript library dependencies, include Sass style source codes.
  • Full integration into wysiwyg editor.
  • Possibility to define global settings for all tooltips or define to specific settings for each tooltip.
  • Possibility to insert html content.
  • Predefined effects.
  • Recalculation of tooltip position on resize window.
  • Documentation included (including the creation tooltip by script).

Setting options

  • Animation effect: see available effects.
  • Method of opening: On click or on hover (default). Hover is automatically transformed to click on mobile devices.
  • Position: It is possible to set values to top or to bottom.
  • Open delay, Close delay: For mobile devices and “click” event is automatically set to 0, default is 300 ms for Open delay and 0 ms for Close delay.
  • Auto close delay: Default is false.
  • Interactive: Possibility to interact with the content of the tooltip, default is true.

Available effects

You can try effects in section “Clickable tooltip examples“. The effects are based on css3 transitions.

  • The Effects are: None, Bounce, Flip, Perspective, Scale and Translate.
  • Posibility to define own effect by adding css class.


It is automatically controlled according to the visible area of the page. User can set default (top or bottom) position but script will determine the real position based on the visible area of the page.

tooltip position

Hoverable tooltip examples

openDelay: 0
closeDelay: 1000
autoClose: 2000
position: top
position: bottom
html content

Clickable tooltip examples

none effect
bounce effect
flip effect
perspective effect
scale effect
translate effect

Install instructions


  • Czech (cs_CZ)
  • English (en-US)
  • Slovak (sk_SK)


Browser support

android andorid browser 4+, chrome chrome, firefox firefox, ie ie9+, edge, opera opera, safari safari
IE9 does not support css3 transitions.

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